Poverty, health and health care in South Africa

Cover page to a conference paper, entitled ‘Poverty, health and health care in South Africa’ by Crispian G Olver. Olver is a medical doctor who works on development and environmental issues. Post 1994, he spent 10 years working in government, first in the RDP office, then running the local government and environment and tourism departments.

In Part I of this paper, he looks at ‘past and prevailing conceptions of health and disease, and argues for an historical materialist approach to these issues. His emphasis is on ‘the development of these ideas as they occurred alongside the process of industrialization in Britain – the lessons that this development has to offer are very pertinent to the South African situation today’.

Part II consists of selected references pertaining to underdevelopment in South Africa and the third world.

Part III is an analysis of health care institutions and legislation in South Africa.

Each part is essentially a separate article, and they can be read as such.

Poverty, health and health care in South Africa